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Exceptional Video Editor

"Brian Arndt is an exceptional video editor with outstanding instincts and fantastic technical ability. During his time with the BioWare Austin Creative Services team he was able to turn his hand to any video editing task. In my opinion, he led the charge in creating our most outstanding gameplay trailers for Star Wars: The Old Republic, including my personal favorite 'Fate of the Galaxy'. (YouTube it.) Beyond that, however, Brian was also easily able to turn his hand to other video related tasks, from shooting documentary style footage at various events to helping to conduct interviews and even some CG creation. He approached every task with a single-minded diligence that always meant we were going to get an excellent end product delivered on time. It was a pleasure working with Brian and any video production team would be very lucky to have him. "

Stephen Reid
Community Manager, Facebook

Quickly Adapt

"Brian is an incredibly talented and well rounded editor and visual fx artist. The best part about working with Brian is his ability to quickly adapt to any situation and pick up new techniques and skills quickly as the projects called for them. I was consistently amazed by Brian's passion and dedication, going above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect on whatever projects we were working on. Brian was also a great creative collaborator when working on heavy vfx shots, he'd have great ideas to really enhance shots. Would work with Brian again in a heartbeat. "

Noah Eichen
Director, Ayzenberg

High Production Value

"Brian joined us as a Video Editor but soon refined and expanded his skills in Compositing and Visual Effects. Since joining the video production team at Red 5, he's provided work of high production value. And, when put to the task, his results are delivered quickly and efficiently."

James Wong
Senior Video Producer, Nintendo

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